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  • 更新时间:2013-01-06
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Twitter image Downloader是一个可以任意下载Twitter网站上的图片的工具,用户只要知道Twitter公开ID即可使用该工具下载所有图片资源。


Twitter 改版后的照片系统很操蛋,只能一张一张的预览。青小蛙想要欣赏上面的福利图就变得麻烦许多。然后就有 Geek 看不下去,Twitter image Downloader 就来了。

只需输入任何一个公开的 Twitter ID,就开始下载了,不用担心 Twitter image Downloader 界面上的截图,图片为大尺寸原图。

注:该软件在(Win7和Win8系统可直接运行)WinXP系统需要安装".NET 2.0"点击下载。

A while ago I've noticed that Twitter changed their design for the users images.

Previewing an image, we used to have the option to receive a picture grid of all the images the user posted however it seems that Twitter disabled the feature allowing visitors to view one image at a time.

The missing grid view is a pain and a lot of people want it back as seen in this support thread at Twitter:

So I made a decision to create an application that will let me get a profiles images easily.