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Mask My IP v2.3.3.6隐藏真实IP工具


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  • 更新时间:2013-01-11
  • 软件类别:上网辅助
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  • 软件版本:v2.3.3.6
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  • 应用平台:Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/Win7


Mask My IP是一个在线的保护工具,可以防止黑客或通过你的真实IP地址等网络罪犯跟踪你的上网习惯和您的互联网活动。它有一个设计很好的用户界面,使得它非常容易隐藏自己的IP地址。

Mask My IP v2.3.3.6隐藏真实IP工具

你访问的任何网站可以收集你的IP地址,Mask My IP可以保护您的安全和隐私由于隐瞒你真正的IP地址,让你上网冲浪,在线聊天,等上网活动时,可以保护您的隐私。防范黑客,防止身份盗窃和信用卡诈骗,阻止垃圾邮件和病毒,等。

Mask My IP - Easily Hide My IP Address For Free!

When you are online, your computer has a unique identifying IP address just like your home address, alerting everyone to who you are and where you are located. When you shopping online or sending emails, your IP is associated with that activity, and it identifies you personally. Hackers and identity thieves may break into your computer, monitor your activity, steal your identity or other personal information.

Want to stay safe online? Now you have an almighty mask to keep your IP address invisible immediately.

Mask My IP is an online protection tool that can prevent your surfing habits and your Internet activities from being tracked by hackers or other cyber criminals through your real IP address. It has a nicely designed user interface that makes it incredibly easy to hide your IP address.

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