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DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.1.2 截图工具

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  • 软件语言:英文
  • 软件类型:国外软件
  • 软件授权:免费版
  • 更新时间:2013-07-31
  • 软件类别:图像捕捉
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  • 软件版本:v4.1.2
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  • 应用平台:Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/Win7


DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.1.2 截图工具,小小的画面抓取软件,可利用鼠标直接选取范围抓取,或视窗或全屏幕的抓取并提供裁减,及预设编辑程序与打印。

DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.1.2 截图工具

DeskSoft HardCopy Pro 4.1.2 | 1.5 MB

HardCopy Pro is a versatile, easy to use screen capture utility for Windows. It can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows. The captured images can be cropped very easily and the color depth can be changed to any desired value from monochrome to true color. Images can be printed, saved, copied to the clipboard, emailed, edited with any image editing program, etc. Many options allow the customization of all these actions to individual user needs.

Key Features

* Captures rectangular areas, whole windows, the active window or the entire screen

* Easy cropping and adjustment of the color depth of captured images

* Mouse cursor can be captured

* Images can be saved, copied, edited, printed, emailed and sent to any destination (e.g. MS Word)

* Supported file formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF

* Timer for automatic captures

* Now with full 64 bit support