Takeshi Suga迷幻摄影艺术作品集

Takeshi Suga迷幻摄影艺术作品集

Takeshi Suga迷幻摄影艺术作品集是一位日本的摄影师的摄影作品,在英国工作数年。目前她回到自己的家乡,擅长利用光线与色彩的她把他对家乡的“怀念,感伤,兴奋与寂寞”融入到作品中,创作出此系列迷幻而又绚烂的作品。

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Takeshi Suga is a Japanese photographer currently based in Kobe, Japan.

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He lived and worked in the UK until 2012 shooting predominantly for British music magazine NME. For the magazine, he shot a number of gigs and festivals as well as going on the road with Mogwai, Frank Turner and The Wombats etc. His photography embraces the cover of Remember Remember’s second LP, “The Quickening” (Rock Action).

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