Shinichi Higashi东京夜曲摄影作品集

Shinichi Higashi东京夜曲摄影作品集1

Shinichi Higashi东京夜曲摄影作品集是日本一位善于使用长时间曝光技术创作的东京夜曲作品。

Shinichi Higashi东京夜曲摄影作品集2

Photographer Shinichi Higashi sees the electric city of Tokyo, Japan with an unusual perspective. In his photographic series Tokyo Nocturnes, Higashi explores the concrete, metal and fiber of Tokyo with a slow shutter and creative editing techniques that yield futuristic, visually vibrant images.

Shinichi Higashi东京夜曲摄影作品集3

Visit the places where Higashi captures his slow shutter art, and this kind of beauty will not appear to the naked eye. After capturing his long exposures from each location, Higashi splits his images and mirrors them on a symmetrical center, a simple-yet-imaginative technique that showcases Tokyo in a new way.

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The full set is quite eye-opening, a kind of photographic art that is just begging for a coffee table book. Hint hint, nudge nudge, Mr. Higashi!

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