Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集1

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集,融合了高级时装和中国现代景观拍摄而成的拥有3D效果的摄影作品,通过风景、肖像、建筑三者融为一体的风格。

Fashion photographerMatjaž Tančičhas produced a series of stereoscopic images that fuse high fashion with the evolving landscapes of modern China. Tančič’s 3D fashion photography should not only be celebrated for its technical achievements, but its equivalent successes in portraiture and architectural photography.

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集2

On their own, Tančič’s landscapes are expertly composed and visually compelling. The model portraits convey attitude and emotion within these landscapes, and the stereoscopic technique adds that third dimension. It’s impressive all around, and we’re excited to see more work from this progressive digital artist.

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集3

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集4

Matjaž,Tančič 3D时尚摄影作品集5

Matjaz Tancic出生于斯洛维尼亚,毕业于伦敦时尚学院,是当今世界上最顶尖的3D摄影师。他为《Vogue》、《花花公子》、《Modna》、《Inspire》和《Look de Book》等世界知名杂志拍摄,举办过16次个人摄影展,参加过47次国际摄影展。2012、2013年均获Sony 3D国际摄影大奖,2011年在斯洛维尼亚新闻图片摄影奖中获得第一名。