Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品集

Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品集1

西班牙摄影师Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品,是一位西班牙的数码摄影师,他的作品风格时尚且充满数码创意元素,下面是他为deluxe杂志拍摄的一组人物时尚摄影作品。

Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品集2

Im Rebeca Saray photographer and digital artist living in Madrid Spain.

Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品集3

My first photography and digital art book is "Feelings" and my second photography book is "In Requiem" all published by Norma Editorial (Spain).

Rebeca Saray Gude时尚摄影作品集4

In 2011 i will publish "Alice in Wonderland" with Norma Editorial, "Ensueño" with Dibukks Editorial and "Portrait and Dreams" my first technical book with Anaya editorial,

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