Toyokazu 上镜小公主摄影作品集

Toyokazu 上镜小公主摄影作品集1

Toyokazu 上镜小公主摄影作品集,Toyokazu拍摄了一组他的女儿在大街上的可爱造型,各种各样的职业装束,让人耳目一新,童趣真的很可爱!

Toyokazu 上镜小公主摄影作品集2

Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu first introduced us to his youngest daughter Kanna a couple of years ago and then shared more images of the photogenic little girl recently with their Kiss Me Please Project. We simply can't seem to get enough of the adorable 4-year-old who makes it difficult to look at anything but her in Toyokazu's ongoing series of portraits aptly labeled My daughter Kanna.

Toyokazu 上镜小公主摄影作品集3

Each image in the collection features Kanna standing in the middle of an empty road, filling the streets with her big personality. Accompanied by a variety of props and the occasional, cute costume, Kanna manages to steal the show with her animated facial expressions. The portraits reveal the young girl's imaginative and playful side with her diverse, theatrical poses and enthusiastic energy. Overall, it's just too cute!

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