Jessica Trinh 宠物金毛犬摄影作品集

Jessica Trinh 宠物金毛犬摄影作品集1

Jessica Trinh 宠物金毛犬摄影作品集,这组狗狗的创意照片出自18岁少女Jessica Trinh之手。她用一部Canon 7D为自己名叫Chuppy的金毛犬拍摄下很多单纯的幸福瞬间。

Jessica Trinh 宠物金毛犬摄影作品集2

Jessica Trinh is an 18 years old photographer based in Southern California.

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There is a mission behind my photos. I wanted to make a statement in pet photography. I wanted to call it an art. It started ever since I set my hands on a camera; I knew I had unlocked a new dimension. One where you can expand your imagination and run for endless miles. Photography makes you look at things differently. You notice rain drops and the way the sun kisses the Earth. You breath in every moment of your life. You love to live and live to love. There is no time to waste because there is an urgency to capture each loving gesture, smile, and laugh in both humans and animals. Then every photograph becomes timeless and you smile, knowing that you hold a few split seconds in your hands.

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I live in a box called a camera with the lens as my window and everyday I sit on my couch watching the world outside through a different perspective. No worries, my dogs are right beside me looking at it the same way.

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