Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集

Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集1

Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集,Shainblum是一位美国的天文摄影师,爱好天文摄影,对宇宙有一种别样的情怀,通过高清摄影设备拍摄了大量的星空景象。

Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集2

This stunning collection of Astrophotography by filmmaker and photographer Michael Shainblum features a rare view of nature at its best and brightest. In each scene, the California-based artist uses long exposures as well as multiple images stitched together to produce one final panorama.

Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集3

With a passion for the universe, Shainblum ventures out into the night to document the glowing displays above. His dedication provides those of us less willing to travel in search of the darkest night skies with unique views that are often lost in the pollution of artificial light.

Shainblum 自然星空摄影作品集4

Each image features vibrant colors and luminous night skies. The combination of the galaxies with the dark silhouetted landscapes in the foreground blurs the line between our understanding of Earth and the mystery of outer space. Shainblum says, "Sometimes nature holds the greatest surprises, and gives you a spectacle beyond your wildest imagination."

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