Harry Cory Wright 梦幻烟火摄影作品集

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Harry Cory Wright 梦幻烟火摄影作品集,哈利·科里·怀特是英格兰的一位灵感类摄影师,擅长于拍摄自然景象然后通过合成工具把唯美的意境融合到真实环境中去。

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Not many people can say that they've been involved with a project site for over 50 years but that's what photographer Harry Cory Wright can claim with his recently released series Hey Charlie. Fascinated with a specific spot in Norfolk, East England, where he spent his childhood days, Cory Wright shot a specific bend in the river and the field beside it with a whole lot of magic. As he wrote back in October 2012, when he began to shoot his series, "The plan has been to rephotograph the place as a sort of celebration; screw the nostalgia here… reinvent, turn the place on its head…. and have a laugh with my old mate down by the river. Pictures to follow therefore… and think pyrotechnics."

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Cory Wright named the series Hey Charlie after his brother Charlie. Like a child's shout, it reminds you of when you'd call out for your own sibling to come take a look at something you'd found. Showing at Eleven Fine Art Gallery in London until September 14, Hey Charlie consists of photographs that all have that nostalgic feeling about them, with a healthy dose of magic thrown in. Cory Wright used smoke generators, fireworks and rockets to create these truly gorgeous shots.

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