Emily Blincoe 自然风景摄影作品集

Emily Blincoe 自然风景摄影作品集1

Emily Blincoe 自然风景摄影作品集,Emily Blincoe是一位美国得克萨斯州的自由摄影师,喜欢色彩和自然风景,擅长于把人物肖像和风景融为一体。

Emily Blincoe 自然风景摄影作品集2

例如这组作品名为《The Garden Collection》,使用同色系不同形态的花朵和植物摆放而成,共包含8幅作品8种色彩。

Emily Blincoe 自然风景摄影作品集3

i'm a freelance photographer, born & raised in austin, texas. i enjoy working with color and natural light and usually in a series. that spills into my portraits, landscapes and other concept photography. thesewoods gives you bits & pieces of what's going on in my world. it's somewhere in between a portfolio and a blog.

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