HimitsuHaNa 超现实梦幻摄影作品集

HimitsuHaNa 超现实梦幻摄影作品集

HimitsuHaNa 超现实梦幻摄影作品集,HimitsuHaNa是一位超现实主义摄影师,她拍摄了这组名为梦想的摄影作品,通过服饰和电脑合成创作。

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Photographer Chiara Fersini aka Himitsuhana captures a sense of liberation with her portfolio of dreamy photography. Her carefree images feature nymph-like subjects in elaborate, flowing gowns. In some instances the women in Himitsuhana's scenes are gracefully being swept by a breeze, while in other shots their attire is dramatically taking on a shape of their own. The photographer also extends garments with images of feathered wings or flocks of birds to further accentuate a sense of freedom.

HimitsuHaNa 超现实梦幻摄影作品集2

There's a surreal quality about the photographer's growing collection of work that plays with different silhouettes of the female form. Himitsuhana combines themes of nature with the human form and manmade fashion. Whether her images are of women within concrete barriers or out in an open landscape, they are fantasy-driven shots that merge numerous elements of "her fears, dreams, her sorrow and joy."

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