James Appleton 户外摄影作品集

James Appleton 户外摄影作品集

James Appleton 户外摄影作品集,James Appleton是英国的一位景观旅游摄影师,去过北极、柬埔寨丛林、约旦沙漠等地,拍摄了很多蔚为壮观的自然景象。你可以跟着他的脚步去欣赏大自然的风景。

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James Appleton is one of the most exciting UK-based landscape and travel photographers - tackling arctic snowstorms, erupting volcanoes and ice-bound winter mountainsides. He's travelled extensively around the UK and overseas, from the bitter north of theArctic Circle to the Cambodian Jungle, from the rooftops of the Dolomites to the deserts of Jordan. The list of places that he still wants to visit is even longer still, and at the age of 26, entirely self-taught and self-successful, expectations are that James is going to go far...

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Aside from simply capturing these incredible displays of light and magnificent scenery, back home in London James makes his living through a huge variety of photographic services. From corporate and commercial photography, providing fresh and dynamic images to transform any work or living space, to bespoke commissions and tuition - whatever your need, chances are James is the best man for the job.

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