Bryan Hansel 奥伯格秋天的红叶摄影作品集

Bryan Hansel 奥伯格秋天的红叶摄影作品集

Bryan Hansel 奥伯格秋天的红叶摄影作品集,Bryan Hansel 是一位美国的户外摄影师,致力于室外摄影创作,这组奥伯格山看红叶摄影作品就是他的代表作之一。

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In the United States, you'd be hard pressed to find a more majestic spot to see the splendor of fall than on top of Oberg Mountain in Minnesota. After a moderate three mile hike, you'll be amply rewarded with stunning views of Lake Superior, Oberg Lake, and Moose Mountain. Come in the fall, and you'll look down upon a gorgeous maple forest that comes alive with colors.

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As photographer Bryan Hansel states, "Oberg is one of the best fall color hikes when it's at peak. This photo (immediately below) happened shortly after the sun rose. The sunlight was dodging in and out of the clouds, so I had to wait for it to splash across the valley. Part of nature photography is showing up at the right time and part of nature photography is waiting for the right conditions...I waited about 15 minutes to get this shot. I've waited on Oberg for the exactly right conditions more than once. Last year, I waited three hours just for the clouds to move in. It made the shot. I feel like the 15 minute wait for this to happen was well worth it."

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