Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集,Kurt Stallaert 是比利时的一位摄影师,他创作了一组健美先生的创意摄影作品集,在健美的世界里,老人、孩子、女人都成为了肌肉发达的健美人士。

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美护士

This digitally altered photo series titled Bodybuilder's World by Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert takes a look at a rarely imagined world filled with people, young and old, who have clearly spent every waking moment pumping iron. While it may seem strange for every single person to be so ripped, it's definitely the fully developed and extremely fit figures attached to wholesome children that warrants a double-take.

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-奔牛壮汉

I have to admit that it took a second to acknowledge that something was amiss in these photographs. It wasn't a very long second, but upon realizing what I was looking at, it seemed hard for me to ever see past these children whose sweet, innocent faces sit atop unusually muscular bodies. The brawny batch of kids would certainly have a hard time going unnoticed in our world, but it seems to be the norm in their alternate universe where little girls exhibit the physical strength to bench press double their body weight, easily. I suppose this is one extreme alternative to childhood obesity.

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美少女

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美儿童

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美少女

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美学生

Kurt Stallaert 健美的世界面面观摄影作品集-健美教师