Patrice Laroche 创意宝宝诞生记摄影作品

Patrice Laroche 创意宝宝诞生记摄影作品

Patrice Laroche 创意宝宝诞生记摄影作品,Patrice Laroche是一位摄影师,他创作了一组非常有趣的摄影作品,宝爸穿着一身魔术师服装,演变了他们孩子的诞生模式表演。

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We've got to give it to some couples, they sure know how to make announcing the arrival of a baby a super fun occasion! Like we've seen from Quebec-based photographer Patrice Laroche, on the internet, actually conceiving and delivering a baby requires nothing more than a little "magic."

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In July, the photographer behind the Tumblr Daddy's Little Prop, Anthony Stuart, had a beautiful baby girl. In the cute photo series he calls The Magic Show, Anthony dresses up as a magician while his wife dons a sexy assistant's outfit. In just six easy steps, we see the couple go from having no baby to conceiving, and then to finally having the baby, who arrives in, what else but an adorable bunny outfit. Who's more shocked than the magician? Looks like his wife!

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