Yodamanu 下雨中的思考摄影作品集

Yodamanu 下雨中的思考摄影作品集

Yodamanu 下雨中的思考摄影作品集,是由法国的摄影师Yodamanu 创作的一组在城市街道上拍摄的美丽的雨天思考,记录人们在雨中漫步,城市元素和人影想搭配,构成了衣服抽象的印象派绘画艺术

Yodamanu 下雨中的思考摄影作品集-雨中漫步

When it starts to rain, you will most likely find French photographer Yodamanu outside, documenting the reflections that bounce off of wet sidewalks and glisten on window panes. Based in Strasbourg, Yodamanu concentrates his attention on the shadowy figures of people walking in the rain and their casual interactions with many urban elements of the city. By turning his images upside-down, the actual person becomes just a touch of solid reality within an otherwise abstract sea of shapes, forms, and colors that are reminiscent of Impressionist paintings.

Yodamanu 下雨中的思考摄影作品集-雨中摄影

His series, Reflections, is a fascinating collection of visually exciting textures and vibrant colors. The painterly compositions are a blur of shadowy human figures surrounded by suggestive, but not completely concrete, layers of reality. At first glance, the image appears quite evident to comprehend, however, upon further inspection, viewers discover that there is much more than first meets the eye. It takes a few playful moments to understand the details within the beautifully organized chaos.

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