Kilian Schönberger 自然风景摄影作品集

Kilian Schönberger 自然风景摄影作品集

Kilian Schönberger 自然风景摄影作品集,Kilian Schönberger 是德国的一位摄影师兼地理学家,他们的摄影作品记录了大自然的壮丽奇景,从高大的山脉到河流,通过独特的角度来描述大自然的壮观。

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Photographer and geographer Kilian Schönberger has an incredible eye for documenting the stunning wonders of nature. From massive mountains to running rivers, the German artist provides a glimpse of the world from unique perspectives. He says, "I prefer temperate and high latitudes and alpine landscapes. I like the harsh beauty of those areas and the peculiar melancholy that surrounds them."

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This series, entitled Norway Landscapes, features the Fjordlands of West Norway at its best and most beautiful. The collection is filled single rays of rare illumination, odd rock formations, and quiet moments of solitude that are contemplative and soothing.

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The most fascinating fact about this very talented artist is that, although his photographs are filled with rich color, he is colorblind and cannot distinguish green and red! As a result, he concentrates his attention on the shapes, textures, and energy emanating from his scenes and identifies the most amazing patterns all throughout nature.

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