David 守护爱情的灵活摄影作品集

David 守护爱情的灵活摄影作品集

David 守护爱情的灵活摄影作品集,David 是法国的一位摄影师,他创作了一组,灵活守护爱情的摄影作品,描述了一个悲伤的爱情故事,女人的孤独和男人灵魂的不愿离去。

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Presence is a heartbreaking series by France-based photographer David One that features the intimate relationship between two loved ones during a time of mourning. The unexpected twist is that the man is no longer alive, lingering only as a ghostly form to watch over the living. Through this amazing visual narrative, One conveys the complete and utter sadness that consumes someone after a beloved has passed away.

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Wearing all black, the woman shows inconsolable signs of vulnerability, isolation, and despair. The overwhelmingly sad thought that someone who has died could still linger can be both frightening and comforting. The elegant black and white images help to convey this haunting notion of uncertainty, with the streaks of clouds in the sky and the endless background representing an eternal grief that fades with time, but that never completely disappears.

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One says, "My role is to make images that move, 'breathe,' and sometimes even surprise ... playing with maximum light and landscapes." He certainly finds life in this story of death by transforming an empty sorrow into a passionate tale of protective love.

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