Dylan Collard 年龄之美摄影作品集

Dylan Collard 年龄之美摄影作品集

Dylan Collard 年龄之美摄影作品集,Dylan Collard拍摄了一组有关于年龄和老人的美感摄影作品,作者把建筑物和老人之间完美的集合在一起,作品中充满了智慧和知识的传承。

Dylan Collard 年龄之美摄影作品集2

A series of images about the beauty, grace and wonder of age and the elderly. I've spent years photographing derelict buildings and run down Mills, always fascinated by the history of the buildings and the marks left by time. I wanted to apply this interest to a group of people often marginalised despite the experience, knowledge and wisdom they have to offer.

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