Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影,Mariya-Luiza是俄罗斯的摄影师,她创作了一组通过玻璃器皿的倒影的摄影作品,利用自然玻璃酒杯的视觉特效来拍摄不一样的自然风光。

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影2

Moscow-based Russian photographer Mariya-Luiza captures the inverted reflections of beautiful landscapes in a series roughly translated as Reflections and Magic Balls. Utilizing the natural visual properties of wine glasses, tumblers, and other rounded glassware, the photographer captures a whimsical world of upside down reflections that take entire landscapes and minimize them into the small, translucent containers.

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影3

The images in the photographer's collection present the natural phenomenon that occurs when the glasses and pitchers are filled with water. They are all transformed into a visually illusive, handheld scene that mimics an upturned version of the surrounding environment. They're almost like individual snow globes, equipped with their very own architecture.

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影4

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影5

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影6

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影7

Mariya-Luiza 美丽的玻璃器皿倒影风景摄影8

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