Alain Delorme 塑料袋组合创意摄影作品集

Alain Delorme 塑料袋组合创意摄影作品集

Alain Delorme 塑料袋组合创意摄影作品集,Alain Delorme是法国的一位摄影师,他在欧洲的时候看到一群鸟在天上飞组成了各种各种的图案,由此他使用垃圾塑料袋精心排列出了各种模拟场景,旨在让人们关注自然界的污染。

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French photographer Alain Delorme's Murmurations are inspired by the large, swooping formations of birds typically seen during the winter every year in Europe. Shortly before sunset between November and February, starlings take to the skies, looking for a place to settle in for the night. It is both frightful and stunning to see the natural, undulating curves moving in such massive numbers.

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For his extraordinary project, Delorme mimicked this bird behavior in a series of digitally constructed compositions. Reminiscent of the beautiful bird dance, the photographs are actually meticulously placed plastic trash bags that are juxtaposed against vibrant, colorful horizons.

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The swarms consume the skies in a spectacular example of pollution in nature. While gazing upon the compositions, viewers can almost hear a low hum emanating from the arrangements, which embody an elegant blend of beauty and excess. The series is meant to convey a global message of how harmful products are regularly affecting and damaging our earth.

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