Des Hommes 男人与猫的姿势对决摄影作品集

Des Hommes 男人与猫的姿势对决摄影作品集,Des Hommes创建了一个博客网站,其内容就是把美男子与猫摆POST,那种造型、那种恣情的眼神,绝对让你捧腹大笑。

Des Hommes 男人与猫的姿势对决摄影作品集1

Des Hommes et Des Chatons (Men and Cats) is a single-topic blog that pairs similar photos of attractive men with pictures of adorable cats. The brilliant match-ups feature a variety of heartthrobs (including celebrities like Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender) posing seductively alongside shots of cuddly felines striking a pose that makes the viewer question which subject they're more interested in looking at.

Des Hommes 男人与猫的姿势对决摄影作品集2

Whether the guy is having a hearty, open-mouthed laugh, giving a come-hither stare, or just drinking a carton of milk, the clever blog pairs the image up with a cat doing almost the same exact thing, props and all! The more you browse through the growing collection of juxtapositions, the more uncanny the resemblance between the two subjects seem.

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