Mikael Aldo 超现实摄影作品集

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Mikael Aldo 超现实摄影作品集,Mikael Aldo 是印度尼西亚的摄影师,擅长于创作耐人寻味的视觉情感摄影作品,或漫步于云端,货漂浮于水中,每个人都有自己孤独的一面,人生的内心世界其实异常孤独的旅程。

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After one year and eight months, Indonesia-based photographer Mikael Aldo finally completed his 366 Day Project. The young photographer's portfolio now boasts a number of images that are both visually intriguing and emotionally thought-provoking. Whether the photographer's subject is floating in mid-air, submerged in water, or walking in the clouds, each person is on their own solitary, surreal journey.

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Aldo's work is filled with raw emotions and discovery that reflect his own challenges with self-criticism and creative growth. He says, "To me, this was not an easy road to travel. Yet for the very first time in my life, I've finally found the thing that I love and enjoy doing the most. Everything about school had never motivated me. The only thing I had done after the school bell rang was to hop on to my ride and head to shoot. That was always the best part of the day. This project always lifted me up when things brought me down. I'm not sure that I could make such improvements without this project."

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