Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,伊朗妇女现状摄影

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集,Shadi Ghadirian 是德黑兰的一位摄影师,他拍摄了一组反映伊朗妇女复杂的生活现状和心理形象比喻的摄影作品。Iranian Woman's Powerfully Symbolic Story of "Miss Butterfly"

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集1

Shadi Ghadirian 的摄影作品多是反映了伊朗现代女性所面临的包括文化,宗教,和个性的许多问题,这组蝴蝶小姐用黑白照片的摄影手法具有较强的视觉冲击效果。

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集2

Tehran-based photographer Shadi Ghadirian explores the many issues that modern women face, including culture, religion, and individuality. Her series, Miss Butterfly, is a collection of black and white photographs filled with strong symbolism and powerfully striking visual elements.

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集3

Each image features a single woman diligently working to complete an intricate spider web within a domestic setting. The cold and empty environment produces feelings of isolation and disconnect with the surrounding world. According to one review, "The web is not only a recurring motif but also a symbol of the existing social structures in Iran that are restrictive towards women."

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集4

To go along with the powerful imagery, Ghadirian created a story that tells of a young butterfly who has lost her way and is greeted with an offer from a spider. He will help her find her way to the sunshine if she brings him an insect for him to feast on. Rather than sacrificing another, she offers herself to the spider, who is so impressed by her courage that he lets her have her freedom. When she offers freedom to the others, she gets no reply and, in frustration, she spreads her wings and flies away.

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集5

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集6

Shadi Ghadirian 蝴蝶小姐,反映伊朗妇女现状的摄影作品集7