Stackonjack 淡定狗狗的诱惑生活集合

Stackonjack 淡定狗狗的诱惑生活集合,Stackonjack 有一个澳大利亚牧牛犬,他的狗狗有一项非常了不起的能力,那就是不管你把什么东西放在他的鼻子上,它都可以淡定视之。Adorable Dog's Festive Balancing Act for 12 Days!

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Jack the Australian Cattle Dog first shared his talented gift of balancing various objects on his head in the first half of the yearand now he's back for the holidays, taking on the very merry task of steadying holiday-themed items on his head for the 12 days of Christmas. Starting on December 13th, Jack's owners (Trey and his now fiancé Nicole) have been revealing a new picture everyday counting down to Christmas.

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The cute project began with twelve candy canes and finally ended today with a two-pound holiday ham. Along the way, Jack managed to balance eight lumps of coal, half a dozen stockings, five cords of mini Christmas lights (cleverly deemed "5 golden strings"), and two glasses of egg nog, amongst many other festive objects. Check out all of the things that Jack has balanced on his head over the last twelve days, below, which goes great with "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song's melody.

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