Tri Joko 炫丽多彩的PS合成摄影作品集

Tri Joko 炫丽多彩的PS合成摄影作品集,Tri Joko是印度尼西亚的一位摄影师,他擅长拍摄人物摄影作品,并且把他的摄影作品使用图片特效编辑工具美化,有一张儿童与猫的作品在500X网站上引起了争议,有人人为摄影本身就是一种艺术创作,如果再采用PS工具来美化的话,就会远离的摄影艺术的初衷。

Tri Joko 炫丽多彩的PS合成摄影作品集-儿童与猫

Tri Joko 炫丽多彩的PS合成摄影作品集7


Four days ago, Indonesia-based photographer Tri Joko put up an extremely adorable photo called Snoop on photo sharing site 500px. Not only did 10,000 people view that photo in one day, it raised a storm of controversy as fellow photographers started to call "foul," or in other words, "this is photoshopped."

Tri Joko 炫丽多彩的PS合成摄影作品集2

Two days after the photo went up, Joko answered back to the criticism with a blog post on his website that stated that he had placed the photo in the "Fine Art" category for a reason and that it was, indeed, a combination of two separate images. The 16-month-old child and the cat were placed together, looking as if they were spying on the same thing.

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