Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影,迪拜就是一个集科技和财富的城市,摄影师Karim Nafatni 通过手中的相机拍摄下来了迪拜的夜晚风光,在1000英尺的高空拍摄完成的。

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影1

Photographer Karim Nafatni gives new energy to the glowing lights of bustling Dubai in his stunning series of cityscapes, simply called Rooftop Photography. As we have seen before, the Dubai-based photographer and major airline pilot is certainly not afraid of heights! In his ongoing series, Nafatni climbs to the tops of the tallest skyscrapers he can find—some as high as 1,000 feet above the ground— to capture the incredibly vivid, bustling world far below.

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影2

By escaping high above the busy city environment, Nafatni provides his viewers with a moment to reflect upon the complexity and inherent beauty of modern and innovative urban architecture. “Most of the time I do let my emotions and feelings guide me and let the shot come to me rather then pushing for it to happen,” says Nafatni.

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影3

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影4

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影5

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影6

Karim Nafatni 迪拜基金奢华的城市风光摄影7