Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集,Annie Leibovitz 是世界知名的摄影师,他拍摄了多组迪士尼人物创意场景作品,把迪士尼的人物真实化,通过真人和模拟虚拟场景来实现惊人的效果。

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-杰西卡

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-杰西卡1

World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has been capturing shots of celebrities as popular Disney characters for years, as part of her ongoing collection of Disney Dream Portraits. The latest addition to her portfolio of work is Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain as the fiery-haired Merida from the animated feature film Brave.

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-公主与青蛙

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-公主与青蛙1

Leibovitz's series takes beloved cartoon characters from the classic Disney films and transforms them into live-action versions of themselves with the help of a few celebrities. While not all of the photographer's renditions are direct copies of their cartoon counterparts, they offer a sense of magic and fantasy come to life.

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-长发公主

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-长发公主1

While Scarlett Johansson looks like a real-life Cinderella who has lost her slipper as she escapes the Prince's ball, a brown-haired Beyonce offers a new perspective for Alice in Wonderland. Even the ageless Peter Pan is matured as Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov portrays the playful young boy.

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-美人鱼

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-美人鱼1

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-铁钩船长

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-铁钩船长1

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-三个幽灵

Annie Leibovitz 创意迪士尼场景摄影作品集-三个幽灵1