Kurt Arrigo 水下摄影作品集

Kurt Arrigo 水下摄影作品集,Kurt Arrigo是一位摄影师,擅长于拍摄海洋摄影作品,这组水下摄影作品展示了空灵的水中特色,由光线、色彩、水、人物组成了一个梦幻般的世界。

Kurt Arrigo 水下摄影作品集1

Kurt Arrigo’s underwater photographs are a great reminder that we live in a remarkable world. Passionate about the sea his entire life, Arrigo’s love for it is palpable in these strikingly-clear images featuring shoals of fish, graceful dancers, and a majestic Black Stallion horse. Our vantage point is well below the ocean’s surface, with deep blues and turquoise that fade as they are penetrated by the sun’s rays.

Kurt Arrigo 水下摄影作品集2

This vibrant work is the perfect mixture of light, color, and atmosphere. It transports us to a fantasy world where weightless moments are frozen in time. It’s a truly ethereal experience and a nice escape from the dirty, sad, and gray images that permeate our culture on a daily basis. Taking this visual splendor in, Arrigo’s photographs afford us the incredible opportunity to view a part of the world that we might never have been able to see.

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