Francisco Negroni 火山爆发瞬间摄影作品集

Francisco Negroni 火山爆发瞬间摄影作品集,Francisco Negroni是一位自然摄影师,他拍摄了一组智利火山喷发瞬间的摄影作品,在寒冷的冬季,壮观的火山喷发瞬间,熔岩四起,火光冲天的自然景观。

Francisco Negroni 火山爆发瞬间摄影作品集1

Billowing smoke and dazzlings sparks of lightning are beautifully captured by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni as the Cordón Caulle erupted in Chile on a cold winter's night. The scene of the explosive occurrence is framed from multiple points of view that, at times, look like something straight out of a film with a hefty special effects budget.

Francisco Negroni 火山爆发瞬间摄影作品集2

The sky, lit up with fractal electric currents, serves as a spectacular background to the natural landscape. Coupled with the volcanic eruption spouting lava and emitting large plumes of smoke, Negroni's photographic collection presents a sight to be seen. Each shot is full of action and excitement, making viewers feel as though they're right there amidst the energetic, naturally occurring activity.

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