Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影,摄影师Qozop拍摄了一组名为《春秋》的摄影作品,描述了年青一代和老一代的肖像形象,两代人互换衣服,解释了不同年代的文化身份和辈分的差距感。

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-中国奶奶和孙女

Photographer Qozop photographs pairs of relatives in a series titled Spring-Autumn that juxtaposes an image of a youth and his/her family member from an older generation in their normal attire with a portrait of the two after they've swapped clothes. The series reveals a sense of cultural identity and generational gaps, as seen through contemporary and traditional fashion.

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-母亲和女儿

The first image (on the left) presents an ordinary portrait in which each member is comfortably adorned in their typical style of clothing; whereas, the second image (on the right) puts each person in the other's shoes… literally. Qozop says, "It was easy to get the kids to agree to be photographed, the older folks required a little coaxing… but once they have been photographed, they were often curious and amused to see themselves in their son’s or grandson’s attire – some were so comfortable in their new getup that they joked that they wanted to remain in that attire for the rest of the day!’

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-马来人的祖父和孙子

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-马来母女

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-中国爷爷和孙子

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-印度祖父和孙子

Qozop 春秋两代人的服饰搭配摄影-印度奶奶和孙女