Dan Marker 重叠式景象摄影作品集

Dan Marker 重叠式景象摄影作品集,Dan Marker是一位美国的摄影师,他采用了一种由多张不断变化的景观图片组合成一张重叠式的摄影作品,层层叠叠包含了同一个地方不同时间状态的景象。

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Photographer Dan Marker-Moore recently created this stunning collage using 60 photos he had taken over the course of one LA sunrise. Each diagonal line, though barely visible, represents a different image and was taken a few minutes after the image to its left. It's like the City of Angels is slowing yet beautifully waking up from its slumber.

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As he tells us, "The image comes from my time slice series, which was the result of my search to share my timelapses in a single picture. The photos were taken on a very clear morning at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area looking at Downtown Los Angeles in front of the San Gabriel Mountains."

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