Nicholas Buer 迷人的灿烂星空摄影欣赏,Nicholas Buer是一位天文摄影师,他擅长于拍摄夜空下的星空景观,无穷无尽的星空里展示了神秘的宇宙空间。

Nicholas Buer 迷人的灿烂星空摄影欣赏1

The mysterious beauty of the universe overhead can only be seen in the proper setting and not all of us have access to those places. Landscape and astro photographer Nicholas Buer is one of the lucky ones who, upon finding the right spot, has seen the universe reveal itself in all of its splendor.

Nicholas Buer 迷人的灿烂星空摄影欣赏2

Through his lens, Buer brings that experience to his viewers. He captures a fascinating world of unfathomable infinity that disappears from sight when the sun comes up. His extensive collection is filled with vibrant colors and brilliant light that is speckled across the night sky. With patience and long exposures, Buer captures the essence of each place. His photographs convey the harmony of the surrounding space and viewers will begin to feel the peace and tranquility of what it must be like to witness such immeasurable infinity first-hand.

Nicholas Buer 迷人的灿烂星空摄影欣赏3

Buer says, "Gazing up at the night sky has always filled me with a sense of wonder. Since advancements in DSLR technology I have been able to capture the night sky in a way I previously thought impossible and ever since my first successful capture of the milky way, I have been hooked."

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Nicholas Buer 迷人的灿烂星空摄影欣赏5

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