Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集

Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集,Beth Galton是一位静物和食品摄影师,擅长于拍摄静态物体和食品摄影,他创作的这组从颜色搭配、食物选择和相似度上给人以相得益彰的视觉效果,把食物与之相搭配的东西联系在一起。

Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集1

Rather than slicing through the center of foods, this time still life and food photographer Beth Galton documents food with a more direct and solid approach. Idioms is a conceptual project that introduces a variety of sayings in strikingly simple form.

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In the series, Galton creates visually appealing photographic pairs that bring to mind common phrases like peanut butter & jelly or a drop in the bucket. Her eye-catching combinations feature a minimalist approach joined together with perfectly styled foods. Through her juxtaposition of objects, the New York-based artist communicates popular sayings without having to write a single word.

Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集-牛肉土豆

Some idioms are quite obvious while others are a bit more challenging. Galton purposefully does not label her photographs so viewers are left to figure out the playful puzzles on our own. Can you figure out each one?

Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集-牛奶和巧克力

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Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集-面包

Beth Galton有趣的食物搭配摄影作品集-巧克力和鼠标

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