Greg Briggs 清洁工画廊摄影作品集,Greg Briggs是一位摄影师,他拍摄了一组有关于博物馆清洁工的摄影作品,当灯火熄灭,夜深人静的时候,博物馆里的清洁工在默默的辛勤工作,当清洁工去欣赏艺术品的时候,给你的印象是什么呢?

Greg Briggs 清洁工画廊摄影作品集1

When the lights go off and the crowds disperse, a public building doesn't just clean itself. In his series, entitled Melbourne Cleaners, Australian photographer Greg Briggs recognizes the hard work that goes into maintaining the illusion of an always-clean gallery, art museum, movie theater, or ornate church. The beautifully meditative series is a study both on human behavior as well as architectural spaces throughout the city of Melbourne, Australia.

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The artist captures what seem like voyeuristic moments as cleaners go about their work in some of the city's important and iconic buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral and The Queens Hall, Parliament House. Surrounded by classic architecture and famous artwork, each individual concentrates on the task at hand and seems completely unaware of the camera's presence. Viewers can almost hear the low hum of polishing machines, the soft whoosh of feathers dusting across the nooks of a picture frame, and the splatter of bottle spraying cleaner along the surface of glass.

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