Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集,Olivier Grunewald是一位自然摄影师,他拍摄了一组有关于印尼火山喷发的作品,揭示了大自然的神秘和现实的残酷。

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集1

火山爆发是一个壮观的景象,很少有人真正见证过,想要观察这种神奇的自然现象最好是远观,然后这个叫做Olivier Grunewald的摄影师在近距离的情况下拍摄了一组作品。

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集2

靠近印尼东爪哇的这座火山,喷发的是硫磺气体,温度高达100摄氏度,并且程蓝色液体,在这样极度危险的环境下, 还有工人在这里工作,收入只有13美金。

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集3

Erupting volcanoes are a spectacular experience that very few people actually witness in person. The dangerous environments and amazing natural phenomenon is most preferably viewed from great distances. However, photographer Olivier Grunewald finds the up-close exploration of volcanoes to be an exciting adventure.

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集4

In particular, he ventured out to document Kawah Ijen, a volcano near East Java, Indonesia, that constantly leaks sulfurous gases. The gases sneak through the cracks of the volcano at temperatures of more than 1,000°F and, upon mixing with air, ignite and send flames bursting more than 16 feet into the sky.

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集5

Some of the burning gas condenses into liquid sulfur and creates a mysterious, blue glowing liquid that streams down the sides of the volcano in a spectacle of light. Grunewald created a series of stunning photographs that capture this mesmerizing process. As beautiful as the process is, it is actually quite a hazardous place to be. While photographing, Grunewald wears a gas mask to avoid the toxic fumes, stating that "It is impossible to stay a long time close to a dense acid gas without a mask."

Olivier Grunewald 印尼火山喷发的瞬间摄影作品集6

Sadly, many local workers face the extreme conditions on a daily basis without the proper protection, including gas masks. They mine the gases for sulfur, earning just $13 a day, and often working at night to avoid the intense heat of the sun.

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