Justin Ng 灿烂星空夜景摄影作品集

Justin Ng 灿烂星空夜景摄影作品集,Justin Ng是新加坡的一位摄影师,他捕获了一组惊人的夜空星迹作品,并通过PS软件来合成,各种漩涡造型的星星轨迹让人眼花缭乱。

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Singapore-based photographer Justin Ng captures absolutely breathtaking photos of the night sky, including these dazzling images of star trails curving over various landscapes. Star trail images show the apparent motion of the stars across the sky due to the rotation of the Earth. Ng's images, which are enhanced in Photoshop, are particularly unique because of the unusual colors and distinct spiral formation of some of the star trails, resulting in one-of-a-kind images that showcase the incredible beauty of the night sky.

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According to Ng, pursuing astrophotography in Singapore is challenging because of the heavy light pollution from city lights. The self-taught photographer, who only started shooting in 2010, relies on digitally stacking individual photographs to create his otherworldly composite images. While Ng's method for circumventing light pollution results in striking and artistic images, the photographer says, "I hope everyone can do their part to stop light pollution so we can preserve our dark sky for future generations."

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