Brooke Shaden 超现实梦幻情景摄影作品集

Brooke Shaden 超现实梦幻情景摄影作品集,Brooke Shaden 是洛杉矶的一位摄影师,她擅长于拍摄自己的内心是世界,通过超现实的手法懒展示梦幻般的世界情景,通过人物肖像和情景相结合,每一幅图片都是个故事。

Brooke Shaden 超现实梦幻情景摄影作品集1

Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden crafts hauntingly-beautiful works that seem to live in their own world. Aswe’ve seen before, she’s no stranger to composing dark-yet-hopeful images of women in surreal settings. People shine and objects levitate in outdoor landscapes whose dreamy coloring evokes a painterly quality to the work. It’s clear that a lot of care and consideration was given to every part of the surrounding environment, and we see small-yet-fantastic details like a field of wildflowers or colorful teal rocks in the background.

Brooke Shaden 超现实梦幻情景摄影作品集2

Movement is important in Shaden’s work. Every subject has a very specific and acute way in which they’re posed, and it makes their hair, dress, and other elements flow throughout the composition. It creates a lyrical type of story-telling, and Shaden’s work sings lovely songs of women being inspired, and passionate, while enjoying the exquisite beauty of the world. Her unique vision brings out the dreamer in all of us.

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