Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影,Finn Hopson是芬兰的一位摄影师,他拍摄了一组有关于布莱顿西部码头的摄影作品,该系列作品是一个持续跟踪拍摄的项目,纵观这些图片我们可以看到码头在慢慢的没落,静止的景观随着时间慢慢的消逝。

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影1

For the past two years, Brighton-based photographer Finn Hopson has documented the slow decay of Brighton's West Pier, set against a stunning landscape. The series, entitled The End of the Pier, is an ongoing project that Hopson says will end once the structure finally disappears into the sea.

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影2

Throughout each of the twelve images, viewers can see the very slow crumble of the pier as pieces fall from the building and into the water. To get the perfect perspective, Hopson actually climbs directly into the water during low tide, and he uses long exposures ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes to capture the peaceful balance of water, sky, and decaying building. Covered in the vibrant colors of various times of day, each scene tells a different story of solitude, beauty, and the gradual passing of time.

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影3

Hopson says he didn't originally intend to create an ongoing series. He says, "I had no intention of starting a project, I just wanted to get an interesting image once the ballroom section had been taken away. It left such a huge space on the beach where I had only ever known there to be some sort of pier gubbins. After a few attempts it became a moderate obsession and now I feel kind of obliged to keep at it."

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影4

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影5

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影6

Finn Hopson 布莱顿西部码头的没落摄影7

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