Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界

Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界,Zack Seckler是一位出生在波士顿的摄影师,不过他也是学习心理学,他把摄影艺术融入了心理学的范畴,看看他拍摄于的作品你会有什么感受呢?

Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界1

No two artists are the same, even if they have the same subjects or mediums. Zack Seckler, a Boston native that’s living in New York City, is a photographer. He’s also one of the most unique individuals we have discovered in the art world. What sets Zack apart isn’t his high-brow analysis of his photos or his special techniques… it’s his sense of humor.

Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界2

He is able to celebrate the ridiculous or silly in life, even during the most mundane moments. You can see it in his work (and even on his website). His humor makes looking through his photo series a delight. It’s so easy to be drawn in.

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Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界4

Zack Seckler 心理学摄影师眼中的世界5

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