Lee Jeong Lok 流动的字符自然摄影作品集

Lee Jeong Lok 流动的字符自然摄影作品集,Lee Jeong Lok 是韩国的一位摄影师,他创作了一组自然场景搭配流动的字符摄影作品,把纯朴的自然环境描绘成了充满神秘色彩的画面。

Lee Jeong Lok 流动的字符自然摄影作品集1

Mysterious, glowing forms cover hillsides, snake around the edge of rivers, and cascade into the sky in this series of magical landscapes created by Korean photographer Lee Jeong Lok. The project, entitled Decoding Scape, explores the presence of Hangeul characters from the Korean alphabet set directly within natural surroundings.

Lee Jeong Lok 流动的字符自然摄影作品集2

Lok uses long exposures to produce a glowing halo around the arrangements. In the interpretive scenes, the artist attempts to communicate both through natural visual aesthetics as well as written language. Light and form blend together to produce a powerful conversation between the environment and the letters.

Lee Jeong Lok 流动的字符自然摄影作品集3

Lok explains, "In this project, I intend to see phonetic letters of Hangeul as ideograms and hieroglyphs, in order to unravel meanings of nature from them and communicate. By observing nature, and furthermore empathizing with it, its linguistic essence can be recognized and visualized into Hangeul symbols."

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