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Mike Olbinski风暴追逐着摄影作品集,Mike Olbinski是一位婚礼摄影师,不过他有一个爱好就是拍摄暴风雨来临的自然景观,他拍摄了很多暴风雨来临的自然场景,在亚利桑那州每年都一个季风来临的时候,这时候拍摄的照片最具震撼力。

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When you've lived in Arizona your whole life, you learn to appreciate unusual things like clouds, rain...and weather in general. Especially in the summers when it's so hot out for months on end, you welcome the cool breezes after a monsoon thunderstorm.

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Ever since I was a kid, I've been obsessed with weather. I used to watch lightning out my window with my brother when we were little. I have pictures of clouds I took while in high school.

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The summers in Arizona bring the monsoon thunderstorms, and they are a blast to chase. We get amazing clouds, awesome dust storms and serious amounts of lightning. I have anextensive gallery of storm imagery from around the state, as well as timelapse photography which has become a true passion of mine.

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