Maria Ionova 动物死亡摄影作品集

Maria Ionova 动物死亡摄影作品集,Maria Ionova-Gribina 是俄罗斯的一位摄影师,他经常骑自行车在海边运动,尤其是夏天的时候经常会发现很多动物尸体,于是他就想到了一个可以拯救和保护动物的办法,把他发现的动物制作成精美的艺术摄影作品,唤起人们保护动物的意识。

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I found these dead animals during bicycle rides to the sea in the summer. I wanted to find a way to save them for world of art. They were so unprotected… One or two days more and they would be eaten by worms. I remembered my childhood. When I with my brother found a dead mole, bird or bug we buried them on the border of a forest.

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And we decorated the grave with flowers and stones. Why we did it that way? Probably it was a children’s curiosity, our first studies of mortality. In this project I work with my childhood memories and with the subject of life and death. All animals died naturally or after accidents with cars. The flowers were gathered near dead animals and in my garden.

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