Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集, Martin Klimas是一位思维独特的摄影师,他的作品总是有其独到之处,例如这组打碎花瓶的摄影作品,他从3米高的地方扔花瓶,然后用高速摄影机拍摄花瓶破碎的瞬间,谁能说这没有艺术成份在里面呢?

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集1

Photographer Martin Klimas has a knack for capturing things that happen in a moment’s time. We recently admired his images of shattered flower vases, and now we’re turning our attention towards his photos of broken porcelain figurines. From a height of three meters, these objects were dropped on the ground, and the sound of their shattering tripped the shutter release. What results are incredible displays of chaotic beauty.

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集2

We see these small statuettes bursting into countless pieces. Tiny shards, giant cracks, and severed limbs are all visible thanks to Kilmas' high-speed photography. There’s a palpable energy in these collisions that stands in stark contrast to them as inanimate objects. Now, it’s as if these characters have come alive and are in the midst of a powerful battle.

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集3

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集4

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集5

Martin Klimas 花瓶摔碎的瞬间摄影作品集6

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