Benoit Jammes 俏皮的水果体育运动摄影集

Benoit Jammes 俏皮的水果体育运动摄影集,Jammes imagines是巴黎的一位艺术家兼摄影师,他创作了一组水果和蔬菜的创意作品,通过丰富的想象,让水果和蔬菜们在厨房里表演各种体育运动。

Benoit Jammes 俏皮的水果体育运动摄影集


Benoit Jammes 俏皮的水果体育运动摄影集2

Paris-based artist and photographer Benoit Jammes imagines the secret sporting lives of fruits and vegetables in his delightful new series Skitchen, which combines the words "skate" and "kitchen" in an accurate description of the produce stars' dynamic movements.

Benoit Jammes 俏皮的水果体育运动摄影集3

With little wheels attached to their surfaces, potatoes, kiwis, lemons, and eggs turn the kitchen into their skatepark as they kickflip and nosegrind between pots and pans. The playful series humorously depicts the danger of some of their extreme stunts, as some fruits and veggies face the risk of losing their peels, falling into hot ovens, or even ending up splattered across the kitchen counter. Should've worn a helmet and pads!

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