Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,来自莫斯科的摄影师Darya Kondratyeva拍摄了一组根据童话故事而设定的摄影题材,例如小红帽、格莱特等等,重新通过摄影的角度来诠释美女与野兽之间的故事。

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集

Moscow-based photographer Darya Kondratyeva reinterprets spellbinding tales of enchantment in her beautiful portraits of young women and their animal companions. Inspired by the stories of figures like Little Red Riding Hood, Gretel, and Brave’s Merida, the photographer transports the viewer to distant, mythical realms through her stunning shots.

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,小红帽

Kondratyeva’s inclusion of animal subjects in her portraits add to the folkloric magic of the images. Trained animals such as bears, foxes, and owls interact playfully with the models, creating a fairytale world in which animals and humans speak, frolic, and live together in harmony.

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,红披风

If you’re a fan of Kondratyeva’s work, be sure to check out Katerina Plotnikova, another Russian photographer who captures captivating portraits with animals.

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,猫头鹰

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,黑骆驼

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,美女与狼

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,麋鹿

Darya Kondratyeva 童话故事摄影作品集,美女与棕熊