Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,对于儿童来说最喜欢的游戏莫过于模仿了,Zack Scott 是加州的一位摄影师他发布了一篇名为“如果年龄只不过是一个思维定式”的文章,让孩子们化妆成为老年人的样子。

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影

Zack Scott 通过发型、化妆、道具、和微妙的图片修饰等多种手法,让这六个年轻的生命体展示为老年人的精神状态,甚至通过模仿肢体语言和老人们的面部表情来展示。

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,老妇人

It’s a universal truth that kids are adorable doing just about anything—and that includes taking on the appearances of senior citizens. California-based photographer Zachary Scott proved this by transforming six toddlers into elderly versions of themselves for a series of photo illustrations for the recent New York Times article “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-set?”.

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,小老头

With the help of hair, makeup, props, and subtle photo retouching, the six young models completely embody old souls, even mimicking the body language and facial expressions of old-timers. Scott’s creations act as perfect companions for the article text, illustrating the concept of “reverse aging” in a brilliant way.

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,老婆婆

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,老头子

Zack Scott 幼儿扮演长者的创意摄影,老贵妇