Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,俄勒冈州的摄影师Rob Woodcox创建了一个由于失去家庭的儿童摄影项目,真实的反映了一个失去家庭的孩子心境,让孩子们冲破黑暗,找到光明和希望。

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集

Oregon-based artist and photographer Rob Woodcox creates passionate work that blends his creativity with his own life experiences. As someone who was adopted as a young baby and rescued from abuse, Woodcox strives to raise awareness for others in need.

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,儿童樊篱

Stories Worth Telling is a powerful series of slightly surreal photographs that visually tells the stories of foster kids and also helps to raise funds so that the children can attend camp and participate in a year-round mentoring program. Woodcox says the purpose of the project is to "bring light to the need for foster parents, adoptions, and volunteer work relating to these children in need."

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,无家可归

The incredibly powerful images of the young ones who are lost, tangled in branches, shattered in broken mirrors, or struggling through the world will touch your heart. (It's important to note that foster kids cannot be photographed, so Woodcox uses volunteers and models to stand in as his subjects.) Throughout the series, Woodcox depicts the children as brave adventurers and dreamers who stand strong against the struggles that they are forced to face. Woodcox says, "The series shifts from darker images of loss and brokenness, to images where these children find community and love and hope."

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,流浪儿童

We had the fortunate opportunity to ask the artist a few questions about his work. Be sure to check out that interview, below.

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,儿童心理

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,关爱儿童

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,少年曙光

Rob Woodcox 儿童救助摄影作品集,快乐童年